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A 3-day Water Fast with CoachE'

Ready to merge your Faith and Fitness?

Do you secretly love it when a fast is called in your Church/Group because it is also a time for you to lose weight, but shhhhh, you dare not say it out?

Well, what if I told you that weight loss is a valid Christian goal too when you fast?

Let us strip off every weight that slows us down… Hebrews 12 v 1

If excess weight and indiscipline has been slowing you down, then say HELLO to


Your Monthly 3-day Water Fast to power up and run better


Your Habits changing Fasting and Fitness Coach

A short FASTING story

Prompted by my curiosity and the Holy Spirit, I tried my first 7-day water Fast in January 2022, after several 3-day water fasts in the past

Not only did I survive it, I enjoyed it, losing a whooping 6.6kg, while gaining the discipline that I rode on the rest of the month.

Researching further, I learned SO MUCH about the benefits of Fasting as it relates to living sickness-free, weight loss and more

That was how Fast-3-Nation was birthed


Similar to deep cleaning your home, an extended water fast deep cleans your body, so expect to poop more even though you are not eating at all or as much

What is Fast-3-Nation?

This is a 3-day fasting program led by CoachE’ and powered by Whatsapp for Jesus Girls who want to use Fasting as a foundational tool to lose weight and gain discipline

Fast-3-Nation Citizens give the body a break, allowing it to spring clean itself, without constant interruptions from the hard work of eating, digestion, and absorption.

So you get to lose weight, gain discipline, form new habits, connect with new #JesusGirls, while sharpening your spiritual sensitivities.


For One cycle
For Three cycles

I want to know more

Did you know?

It’s not real hunger! Most of us eat more out of habits and the clock, than real physiological hunger. Create new habits, eg fasting often, and find yourself controlling what you thought was ‘hunger’ before.

This Program is for you if

  • love Jesus, and a good #JesusGirl Fasting Challenge with friends sounds like Yaaaaaas!!
  • are curious! Can my body really go 3days without food, and I don’t die?
  • want to lose weight, and are ready to change your habits BUT you would also really appreciate quick results early on, that you can build on. (Imagine what losing 3-5kg in 3days would do to your resolve?)
  • are not doing well with food discipline, which is also affecting your spiritual disciplines, sadly. (I have been there)
  • know you should fast regularly as a #JesusGirl, but you think it is too hard. ‘What if I die?’
  • have heard about the wonderful (spiritual, mental and health) benefits of fasting and autophagy, but have no idea how to start and sustain it.

This program is not for you if

  • just need a -quick fix’ formula that helps you lose weight fast, without any major habit and lifestyle changes for better
  • just want a meal plan for ‘Intermittent fasting’, and hope to lose 10kg in 10days or less
  • are pregnant, or Nursing. (Don’t worry, I will still be here when you are done with this lovely season)
  • have a major health challenge. (Please check with your Doctor first)
  • are underweight, based on your BMI, or anorexic.
  • want one-on-one coaching with CoachE’ (You can check out WOW for that)

How does it run?

For 3 days, in the first week of every month, CoachE’ will guide you through a complete or partial Fast via a whatsapp group
You get 2 days before and after those 3-days for extra support, so it’s basically 7 days for the price of 3


According to Wiki, Scottish man Angus Barbieri fasted for 382 days, from June 1965 to July 1966. He lived on tea, coffee, soda water, and vitamins while living at home in Tayport, Scotland, and frequently visiting Maryfield Hospital for medical evaluation. He lost 276 pounds and set a record for the length of a fast.

What’s in it for you?
(Your 7-day Calender)

  • Meal Suggestions to prepare your body for the Fast
  • Welcome webinar and daily 15-min Power-shot prayers
  • Printable habit tracking template to visualize your wins
  • Expert advice on Re-introducing food after the Fast
  • 20min live workout session with CoachE’

And MORE!!!

Go here for more details on what you’ll be getting including what to do if you are CONVINCED you can no longer go on with the Fast ( It’s a no-brainer, literally )

CLICK HERE to see your 7-day Fast-3-Nation Calender


Did you know? Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. Advertisers and cereal makers made this popular because they want you buying more cereal. Science supports regular fasting.


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Have some Q’s? See if we answered them in our FAQs
Yes, I was worried too. And did some research. Your beautiful body is a complicated, intelligent expert machine, that knows how to protect what is important at all costs. Remember when you stocked up your house with food when the COVID pandemic hit? Your body suddenly wasting muscle when you fast is like you ignoring all the food you stocked and eating up your children or parents instead instead. You would never do that, neither will your body. Every healthy human has a reserve of fat that can last us well over 3 days.
I love it. Certainly, you may be inspired and able to take it further safely, and you can do so, but that would be outside the scope of Fast-3-Nation. But please, feel free to let us know how many days you went on for. Super You!
Fast-3-Nation is more -faith than fad-based’. Fasting is and will always be good for the spirit, soul and body whether called intermittent, absolute or not, so this is more about what we have on offer for you as a Jesus Girl, than semantics, trends and fads.
Please check check Our Services for our longer, lifestyle and habits changing program called WOW or email us at
Every Jesus Girl around the world is welcome to join us, and while you can proceed with your own timings, please note that everything is done with the WAT time zone. Our best suggestion is that you follow the Fast using the WAT time zone.
I like how Jason Fung puts it in his book, Fasting, Starvation is like running because a lion is chasing you while Fasting is like running for Fitness and Health Science actually tells us that there is no correlation between constant eating and good health?
I gotcha, Sis, which is why we make provisions for juice-fasts, or partial fasts within those 3 days, as a starting point for you. Hopefully, as the months go by, you will be ready to jump into a complete 3-day water fast.
More questions? I love questions. Send them to


Core features
Full Payment

If you have any underlying health condition that may be aggravated by an extended fast, please check in with your Doctor. This is not a medical program, and is intended for perfectly healthy Sisters. Signing up means you are taking complete responsibility for your body and the results you get.

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