Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

What I do

As a Habits-changing Weight-loss Coach, I help Jesus Girls build their For-Purpose Body until it stares back at them from the mirror

I also help Corporate and Religious Bodies adopt healthier in-house organizational habits via our Corporate Wellness Programs

The story of how I lost 30kg in 4months is in my FREE e-book below, and here’s 6 totally random things about me


I used to love ice cream

I used to love ice cream, Coldstone's Founder’s Favorite precisely. September 2021, I read Salt, Sugar, Fat by Micheal Moss and quit. A miracle for this sweet tooth. #JesusDidIt


I quit my job at UN-OCHA

My First-class Sociology degree landed me a United Nations job at UN-OCHA in Abuja, Nigeria. I involuntarily quit to be a full-time mom. Best decision ever as that landed me here, helping beautiful women like you.


Yes, I eat real food

Yes, I eat real food, like rice, beans, yam, potatoes, and plantain, while daily incorporating fruits, veggies, and salads. I also water-fast as a lifestyle, my record being 7-days aiming for 40, like our Jesus.


I love birthdays

I love birthdays, and mine is June 29,1986. I weigh about 77/78kg and am almost 6ft tall. Because I wear heels a lot, bump into me and I would likely be towering above 6ft. Oh, I’m the last born.


My Super powers

My super power lies in planning, and structures. I plan in advance my days, book reading, and diet. A boundary-less life scares me, honestly.
I define overwhelm as Freedom gone WILD!


I love to Speak

Hand me a microphone in front of people, and watch me thrive while my audience comes alive. No shyness here. I could easily be a Talk show host. Thanks Oprah.

I have many best friends, hehe. I am no shrinking violet when it comes to making friends from absolute strangers. When I coach you, we’ll be best friends, too. You’ll see.

Profile & Certifications

Eziaha is a UK certified Health & Fitness professional with a specialization in weight loss, and a US certified Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Coach, and a First class graduate of Sociology from the University of Ibadan. She brings all that knowledge to bear as Coach at Jesus Girls Nation.

As a Writer and content creator, through her blogs and YouTube channel, Eziaha provides Bible-based, simplified, and practical articles and videos to help her audience get the results they deserve. You can also find Eziaha’s writings as a Columnist on Bella Naija, The Guardian Nigeria, and The Lady’s room.

Eziaha has been named as one of the 100 Most Influential women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa, and she is also very proud of the domestic work she does within her home as a full time Stay at home mom.

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